woman on the beach putting on sunscreen

Protect Your Skin from Cancer - Inside and Out

Skin cancer is no joke. We have expert tips on choosing sunscreen ingredients, foods that protect you from the inside out, plus a super-easy DIY sunscreen to make yourself!

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  • 5 Buzzy Alcohol Alternatives Worth the Switch

    Alcohol alternatives are a big buzz these days (pun totally intended). With everything we know about alcohol's damaging effects on your mind and body, it's no wonder we are searching for a healthier alternative for unwinding.

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  • Infrared Saunas and Eye Safety -- Everything You Should Know

    When it comes to infrared saunas, eye safety is of utmost importance.

    As you step out of your infrared sauna, you’re likely to notice many differences in your body and mind. Your pain is dissipated, your mood is relaxed, your airways are invigorated--and your vision is green?

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  • 8 Skin-Tightening Essential Oils You Will Love

    Skin-tightening essential oils could be the anti-aging secret you've been looking for.

    Aging is all fun and games until we begin to notice a lack of skin elasticity caused by age, certainly something none of us signed up for. 

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