7 Reasons Your Home Should Have an Essential Oil Diffuser

essential oil diffuser for peaceful calm ambiance

5000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians became the first known group to use essential oils. Traditionally, oils were mixed with fats and either applied directly to the skin or simmered slowly over hot fires to release their aroma. 

Nowadays there is a simpler way to achieve the benefits of essential oils that is affordable, healthy and effective: a diffuser. Essential oil diffusers work by dispersing the oils into the air, permeating the room so the vapor is gently absorbed into the body.

While there are many reasons everyone should own a diffuser at home and use it every day, we think these are the biggest draws:


Diffusers create a delicate herbal fragrance throughout a room. Essential oils are a safe option to scent and cleanse the air without using harmful chemical air fresheners, cleaning sprays or parrafin candles. Best oils for ambiance: Thieves, Lavender and Sandalwood.

essential oil diffuser in bedroom to improve mood and sleep quality

Improve sleep

Many people struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep. Placing a diffuser in your bedroom will help to calm and unwind your mind, promoting a full, good night’s sleep. Adding essential oils to your bedtime routine can also train your brain to associate certain scents with sleep and relaxation, helping to prime your body for sleep. Best oils for sleep: Lavender, Chamomile and Bergamot.

Sensitivity relief 

Everybody is different and reacts to environmental stimuli in unique ways. Essential oils can clear the brain fog and relieve discomfort caused by sensitivity to our body’s unique triggers. Best oils for sensitivity: Eucalyptus, Thieves and Peppermint.

Mosquito repellant

Scientists have shown essential oils to be a very effective mosquito repellant, without the harmful toxins that most bug sprays contain. (source) Essential oils can also help keep unwanted houseguests (read: bugs!) out of your home. Best oils for bugs: Lemon, Citronella, Cedarwood, and Clove

woman relaxing in her home with essential oil diffuser

Breathe easier

Essential oils are great at helping relieve blockages and can also help open your airways to prevent snoring. Your diffuser releases its vapor all around the room resulting in cleaner, fresher air. Best oils for breathing: Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Peppermint.

Relieves discomfort

While applying oils directly to the skin is most effective, diffusing your oils can also be a great way to soothe uncomfortable skin and tired muscles. This method works particularly well for brain fog, full-body aches and digestion. Best oils for discomfort: Peppermint, Ginger and Cypress

Improve cognitive function

Many oils have adaptogenic properties which means they help the body resist all kinds of stress. By working to level out moods the oil can help you focus. Best oils for cognition: Peppermint, Lemon and Vetiver.

This list is by no means exhaustive: there are many different ways to incorporate an essential oil diffuser into your daily life with great results. Let us know your favorite oils and outcomes in the comments!

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