How to Lighten Your Hair Naturally

Many women love to dye their hair - it's a great way to make a major change in your appearance. But, you don't have to take a drastic step with a risky box dye to see a transformation take place.

Some hair products that are over the counter can make your hair look dull or brittle, but there are ways to make it lighter without the salon prices or harsh products.

If you are looking up how to lighten your hair, there are several ways to do so. One way to alter your hair at a low cost would be by doing it naturally using the power of the sun! 

But, that's not all! Let’s look at a few other options that can help to lighten your hair and get the beach blonde look you're aiming to achieve.

Lemon Juice for Sun-Bleached Hair

In order to lighten your hair, one of the most popular things to use is lemon juice. Its natural acidic properties can help to lighten your hair quickly.

Lemon juice works best on hair that is already blonde. Although, it can show up in darker hair over time.

The best way to apply lemon juice to your hair is by putting it into a squirt bottle and using one part of lemon and two parts water.

Chamomile Tea for Hair Lightening

Another way to lighten your hair is by using Chamomile tea. This is a better option for those with darker or red hair because it will come out less brassy. 

If applying Chamomile tea, it is best to steep it and allow it to cool before putting it into a squirt bottle and applying it to your head.


Whichever method you choose - simply style your hair the way you would like to wear it daily and squirt either the lemon juice or the tea into your hair and blow dry it. Then, spend some time in the sun. 

After about a half hour - rinse it out of your hair and reapply a few times a week until you reach your desired shade. 

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