Tie-Dye Family Fun

tie-dye t-shirt in the sun

Are you, like me, now working from home? Are the kids driving you crazy? Apart from providing snacks on the hour every hour (I don’t know how they ever got through school with just that lunchbox) what else can you do to keep them busy?

Like me you probably need to find something they can get on with alone without too much help. We've already exhausted the jigsaw collection, eaten enough homemade muffins to sink an elephant, books are “boring” and I’m trying to avoid giving them unlimited Netflix access. (I don’t want to feel like a bad mom here!) I needed something that was fun and stimulating.

That's when I came across this amazing kit! A fun activity that they can do themselves (my kids are 13 and 16), use again and again, and produce clothing that they designed themselves. This would be a really fun family activity too!

I looked around at different kits, and this one ticked all the boxes. It comes in a handy carry box and includes 14 easy-squeeze bottles of vibrant colours, plastic gloves, rubber bands and a table cover.  It also gives you links to their website so can download some great pattern ideas. There are loads of different things you can tie dye from T-shirts to tablecloths.


It's a really simple process to get great, fun results.

  1. Cover your table or set up on the sidewalk
  2. Soak material in water and wring out
  3. Following your chosen design, secure with rubber bands
  4. Let the fun begin and start squirting!
  5. Place the finished article in a ziplock bag and leave for around 24 hours
  6. Unwrap under cold running water and reveal your masterpiece!

I used these t-shirts as they come in packs of 6 and are 100% cotton (which I found works best), and I bought 2 packs because they were such good value. I also bought these bandanas in a pack of 12 which we used to make presents for friends and family.

You will be amazed at the results. No item of clothing will ever be safe again!!

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