Where do Aesthetic Procedures Fit in Holistic Health?

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I believe in our power to control our own health with our lifestyle choices. If we eat well, exercise regularly, manage our stress, and get proper sleep we will be vibrant and healthy as we age. I try very hard to live this every day and care for my body and mind as best and as holistically as I can.

Because beauty comes from health and vitality, I use natural beauty products and am careful that I don’t introduce toxicity that could jeopardize my wellness. I also take advantage of non-invasive cosmetic procedures to close the gap between where my healthy lifestyle gets me and where I want to be.

So much of wellness, from health to emotional and cognitive wellbeing, is linked to the confidence that I have in myself and my interaction with the world. My appearance is an important interface for that interaction, and I think it would be crazy not to pursue available aesthetic options where they’re needed. Aging can be hard and getting help to make it easier just makes sense.

In the past decade, huge advancements have been made in the fields of body contouring and skin rejuvenation. We now have many non-invasive treatment options to help us age gracefully and find joy in our appearance.

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Are These Procedures Natural?

I used to be an electrical engineer and now study homeopathy, which is a form of energy medicine. I have studied energy, magnetism and light from different perspectives and I have learned that they have great potential for naturally promoting health.

We evolved under the sun, and many essential human processes, from vitamin D synthesis to circadian rhythms, are linked to light, energy and magnetism in our environment. The leading edge of aesthetic dermatology is zeroed in on learning to harness these forces and use them to induce inside-out change in our skin. Sunlight, infrared saunas and now non-invasive dermatological procedures all have the potential to contribute to our long-term health and beautiful aging.

Most of these new aesthetic treatments use light and energy to clear out damaged cells and boost the skin’s natural healing processes. They are popular for treating wrinkles, stretch marks, sagging skin, cellulite, and localized fat deposits--all conditions that are to some degree inevitable, regardless of lifestyle. These tools achieve their age-defying results with nothing more than focused light or magnetic fields and your skin’s own regenerative abilities. What could be more natural than that?

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