5 Buzzy Alcohol Alternatives Worth the Switch

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Alcohol alternatives are a big buzz these days (pun totally intended). With everything we know about alcohol's damaging effects on your mind and body, it's no wonder we are searching for a healthier alternative for unwinding.

First, let's address the dangerous side effects of alcohol. Some short term and long term effects of alcohol are alcohol poisoning, injuries, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, anxiety, and strokes. And that is just the short list.

And nobody wants to deal with those terrible hangovers in the morning. So the question is: How can you get the same relaxation and buzz that alcohol can give you without all the bad side effects? The answer lies in mood-lifting non alcoholic drinks!

And social media has been abuzz with the non-alcohol movement. This trend resonates with people who are interested in decreasing the amount they drink, but still want to have something reminiscent of alcohol in their life.

Our Favorite Alcohol Alternatives

alcohol alternatives; ashwagandha

If you want a nice, uplifting feeling without the alcohol, look for beverages with these mind-boosting and calming ingredients:


Magnesium is a mineral and nutrient that your body needs to be healthy, often found in foods like leafy vegetables, yogurt, and whole grains. Magnesium helps keep bones healthy, inflammation away, and your heart healthy. Magnesium also keeps your mind relaxed along with your nerves. Other potential benefits of consuming magnesium include:

  • Preventing high blood pressure

  • Treating asthma attacks

  • Reducing diabetes

  • Treating anxiety and calming nerves


Ashwagandha is a non toxic herb that is known for its ability to calm nerves and anxiety. It is connected to its traditional medicinal practices in India and is from a class of plants that are made into teas, supplements, powders, even sometimes eaten in its natural form. As well as lowering stress, ashwagandha can improve memory. Other potential health benefits include:

  • Better heart health

  • Improved fertility

  • Stronger muscles

  • Lower blood sugar


Adaptogen is another name for plant extracts that treat ailments. Adaptogens have been a medical remedy in Asia and India over the centuries and still help us manage stress today. Ashwagandha is one example of an adaptogen. Different adaptogens have different benefits such as:

  • Managing stress and anxiety

  • Lowering fatigue

  • Improving immune health

  • Creating energy


CBD is a chemical that is found in marijuana, but is lacking in THC, the ingredient that produces a high. CBD oil is made by extracting CBD from cannabis plants and then mixing it with carrier oil, properly diluting it. Along with being a prescription oil, CBD can also be found in food and beauty products. This oil is known for its anti-seizure treatment but more potential benefits include:

  • Pain relief

  • Neuroprotective properties

  • Improving sleep and relieving stress

Mushroom Powders

Superfood mushrooms like reishi, lion’s mane, and turkey’s tail can be made into mushroom powders, another trend amongst health food enthusiasts. Mushroom powders are full of antioxidants, nutrients, and beta glucans, which balance your immune system. Other known benefits include:

  • Increased energy

  • Strengthening your brain and nerve cells

  • Improved mental health

  • Potential anti-cancer properties

5 Alcohol Alternative Beverages to Try

alcohol alternatives; variety of mocktails

If you're wondering where to find all of these amazing alcohol alternatives in ready-to-drink versions, we've got you covered! Here are some our favorites.


Recess is a sparkling water for those who still want a calming effect without the alcohol. Recess drinks have a combination of real fruit juice, CBD from organically farm grown hemp, adaptogens such as ginseng, lemon balm, and L-theanine, and magnesium. This perfect mixture works to keep you relaxed, lifting your mood while keeping you healthy.

In addition to improving your stress and mood, Recess drinks can keep you in a more focused mindset, something that alcohol does not.

Three Spirit

Three Spirit is an award-winning brand that perfectly replaces the alcohol in your life. The brand Three Spirit manages to keep a traditional spirit's flavor, like vodkas and tequilas, with plant-based drinks with ingredients like lemon balm, lion’s mane mushroom, damiana, watermelon, cacao, and more! These Three Spirit drinks have adaptogens and herbs specially designed to enhance mood while still helping you sleep and rest better.

There are varieties of different drinks that achieve different moods. Curated by bartenders and plant scientists working side by side, these drinks give a great buzz, hangover free!

Hop Wtr

Hop Wtr is another brand that developed sparkling water as an alcohol replacement, but goes a step further by making sure that their non-alcoholic drinks have no calories, carbs, and sugar. Adaptogens make these sparkling waters great for stress relief as well as enjoyable.

Hop Wtr is perfect for having with friends and family, curated to a busy life and lacking in the negative health effects that come with real alcohol.

Hella Cocktail

Hella Cocktail serves a variety of styles ensuring that the healthy non-alcoholic alternative you’re consuming is to your taste. Some ingredients that keep these drinks healthy are pasilla de oaxaca, ginger root, whole spices, and more.

There are different varieties for different moods, so while you get the authentic taste of alcohol from Hella Cocktail, you also get the health benefits of these roots and spices!

De Soi

De Soi has been widely reviewed for its taste and benefits as a non alcoholic drink. Made with natural adaptogens and ingredients like reishi mushrooms, passion flower, lemon balm, and ashwagandha, these alcohol alternatives are good for relaxation.

With adaptogens included in the drinks, you’ll find yourself less anxious without feeling out of control. Check out their entire botanical list!

Curious Elixirs

Curious Elixirs are also alcohol free cocktails that have adaptogens like ashwagandha that let you kick back and relax after a long day. Curious Elixirs is also a collaboration between bartenders, food scientists, and herbalists, making sure you have the healthiest non-alcoholic alternative out there!

Different drinks have different effects at Curious Elixirs and vary from stress relief, increased serotonin and dopamine, better circulation, and immunity boosters.

If you want to have the best of alcohol without the worst of it, then non alcoholic drinks are just the right thing for you! Have the healthiest fun with your friends, while also bettering your own health with alcohol alternatives.

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