About Us

vivid (adj.)

  1. Strikingly bright or intense
  2. Full of life; lively; animated
  3. Strong, distinct, or clearly perceptible


    What does it mean to be vividly yourself? Your vivid self is your most true. You radiate energy, and save none of it for pretending. Your individuality shines to light up everything around you. You are living your most vivid life.

    Your vivid self is a product of total wellness, achieved by finding peace and energy in your body, mind, spirit and environment. Pursue health in all its forms and renew your vitality; feel your senses sharpen, your joys amplify and your spirit glow.

    What role do we play in your journey?

    We are your total wellness guide. Through partnerships with hand-selected, wellness-centric brands, we offer the tools you need to achieve more optimal health naturally. Through our network of healthcare professionals--which includes dermatologists, vein specialists, nutritionists, naturopaths, aestheticians, primary care and more--we offer telehealth and local appointments that help you achieve wellness on your schedule. 

    We make wellness easy. Every product and professional we recommend has gone through extensive vetting, and we use them for our own families. So stop by, check out our blog, browse our selection of wellness products, and obsess over health, beauty and wellness with us.

    We look forward to travelling with you on your journey to Be Vivid.