Red Light Therapy: Anti-Aging, Pain Relief, Healing and Sleep

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 red light therapy for anti-aging, clear skin, sleep and pain relief

Are you using red light therapy to fight aging and improve your health? It’s a non-invasive, natural tool used in spas, wellness clinics and at home to enhance health and beauty. 
But what does red light therapy do?
The process is also known as photobiomodulation, low-level light therapy or LED light therapy. It reduces oxidative stress within cells and stimulates Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP; think of it as liquid energy!) production in the mitochondria. Red light therapy benefits include lowered stress levels and increased energy; it’s relaxing and energizing at the same time!
The medicinal properties of red light have been recognized and used for centuries. The ancient Egyptians built solariums with colored glass to get pure red light for healing. In more recent history, NASA started using red light in the 80’s and 90’s to help grow plants in space, and still does today. Since 2000, research into the therapeutic effects and safety of light therapy has exploded: over 50,000 studies have been published. The scientific consensus is that light therapy is both beneficial and safe.
Red light therapy is simply performed by exposing the skin to a concentrated source of red light. A typical session is 5-15 minutes long and should be done daily for best results. Light therapy devices include red light, which is visible, and often include invisible near-infrared light as well. We feel the light energy as heat on our skin and it’s a pleasant and relaxing experience--the warm glow is great for napping! There are no UV rays so the energy doesn’t hurt or burn skin. 

smiling wrinkle-free woman


Red light therapy improves skin health and lessens the visible effects of aging on skin. It can help diminish wrinkles, lines, sun damage, scars or dark spots by increasing blood flow and circulation to tissue. This boosts the production of collagen and elastin, reduces inflammation and speeds up tissue regeneration.

Athletic Performance

Studies have also shown improvements in athletic performance at every age and physical level after participating in red light therapy. One study saw significant boosts in athletic performance measures and strength in postmenopausal women.

energetic with natural testosterone levels


One reason that many men use red light therapy is to improve waning testosterone levels as they age. The red light stimulates energy production in the Leydig cells in the testicles, which increases natural testosterone production. Testosterone is a key component of men’s health and maintaining natural levels throughout the aging process helps maintain youthful skin, muscle mass, energy levels and healthy libido. A more youthful libido is actually one of the most popular benefits listed by men using red light therapy.

Pain Relief

Red light stimulates mitochondrial functioning and reduces inflammation. More blood flow, less oxidative stress, and increased cellular energy mean healthier tissue and less pain. Many types of chronic and acute pain have been reduced in clinical studies, including arthritis pain, neck pain and lower back pain.


Red light therapy is used by many elite and professional athletes for quicker muscle recovery after training and healing after injuries. Studies have shown an increase in immature muscle fibers and collagen during the muscle repair process when light therapy is used. This allows for faster muscle recovery. Additionally, the increase in blood flow, oxygenation of tissue, and cellular energy produced by the light therapy encourages faster healing of all wounds and injuries, including broken bones. 

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The average American spends over 90% of their time indoors, surrounded by blue light, and is not getting enough natural light for optimal health. Since blue light signals our bodies to be awake, the excess of blue light negatively affects our circadian rhythm and causes sleep issues.

Red light therapy triggers an increase in natural melatonin production and relaxes the nervous system, which helps to normalize the circadian rhythm and improves sleep quality. For both sexes insomnia relief and better sleep is a top benefit reported from red light therapy.

If you’re curious about trying red light therapy, you can search for clinics and wellness centers that offer the therapy in your area; it's widely available in the US. There are also many personal devices designed for use in your home that you can purchase. We have a great personal LED Light Therapy Tower available in our shop. It’s perfect as an extra level of healing in an infrared sauna or used as a stand-alone therapy device.

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