Rolling with Roll-On Essential Oils

Alison Pedler Alison Pedler
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 woman applying roll-on mosquito-repelling essential oil blend to her wrist

I love my essential oils. In fact I love them so much that I have ditched all my expensive perfumes in favor of my own oil blends. I have two particular favorites: a citrus fresh blend for daytime and a warm and woody blend for evenings. 

To maximize their aromatherapeutic benefits and keep them convenient I put my blends in roll-on tubes. This is the perfect solution for today's busy lifestyles: no more carrying bags of different lotions and potions around in my purse. Roll-ons also allow me to target specific areas when I apply.

Unless your cabinet is stocked with numerous essential oils a good choice is ready made roll-ons which often include several essential oils and make the blend more affordable. Check out the Breathe again roll-on for a refreshing and rejuvenating experience.

You can also create your own custom blends (which are a great option for personalized gifts!) Why not try lemon and peppermint for a fresh start to the day or a pre-mixed blend such as peace and calming for those stressful days at the office.

Roll-on bottles for your own blends are usually found in 10ml and 15ml sizes and you should aim for around a 2% dilution rate for most oils. That is about 6 drops per 10ml of carrier oil. This is suitable for everyday long-term use. Be aware of “hot oils” such as cloves or cinnamon as these are especially potent, and should be used sparingly and diluted to 0.5%. 

The bottles are reusable and offer only a small amount of oil per application, so you’re efficient with your precious oils and create no wastage from the bottle. It’s very simple to target specific areas: here are four of the best places to target your essential oils. These particular areas are ‘hot spots’ for maximum absorption of the oils and for perfumes to release given an overall more intense experience.

  • Behind the ears - Your skin is more permeable which makes the oil easier to absorb, and your mastoid pressure point will amplify the oil’s effects.
  • Bottom of the feet - The feet have some of the largest pores on the body; they easily absorb oils and release the essential oils into the bloodstream quickly.
  • On the temples - Your temples are a pulse point and the blood vessels are located very close to the surface. This spot is also pretty yummy aromatherapy-wise!
  • Inside your wrists - Another pulse point, your wrist contains your radial artery which will ensure faster absorption of the oil.

The benefits of essential oils are all dependent on how and how often you use them; I hope you give this convenient and effective method a try!

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