Sauna Accessories for the Perfect Home Sauna Experience

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Have you made the big decision to invest in a home infrared sauna? (Congratulations!) Now you may be wondering--what else do I need for my ultimate sauna sanctuary? A few sauna accessories and add-ons can make your out-of-the-box sauna into a personalized nirvana. Close your eyes, feel the warmth, and imagine these amazing sauna accessories.

Our Favorite Sauna Accessories

sauna accessories; woman in robe sitting in sauna

Luxurious Spa Towels and Robes

To get the full benefits and maximum warmth from an infrared sauna, you should let the light shine directly on your skin.  Strip down before you head into the sauna, and keep a luxurious robe and lots of fluffy towels close at hand to snuggle into afterwards. 

You will experience copious sweating and it’s important to make sure you don’t leave moisture behind in your sauna cabin after each session.

Himalayan Salt Lamp 

These lamps made from Himalayan salt blocks are believed to possess many healing properties. 

The salt in the lamps attracts water molecules from the air to the salt surface. These molecules often contain allergens, toxins, and pollutants that are then trapped in the salt, purifying the air. 

The lamps also release negative ions into the air which neutralize positive ions created by our appliances, such as televisions, microwaves, and Wi-Fi. Their warm pink light creates a calming ambiance and induces better sleep, allergy relief and increased energy in many users.

LED Candles

Candles can be used to create a calm, relaxing and even romantic environment inside your sauna. Since it’s a small enclosed space LED candles are recommended for safety.

Aromatherapy/Essential Oils

Use essential oils to add an aromatherapeutic boost to your sauna session. They can improve mood, increase relaxation, and create a positive aura. Use oils with scents that you love and that enhance the desired effects of your sauna session. 

The most popular options for sauna aromatherapy include Lavender, Frankincense, Citrus, Eucalyptus, and Sandalwood. Many sauna manufacturers offer an aromatherapy accessory made for their sauna models.

Portable Bluetooth Music Speaker

If you love listening to music, you will love having music available inside your sauna. This is another feature that is available as a standard option or add-on to some sauna models.

Practical Sauna Accessories

cushions and candles can elevate your sauna experience

UV Disinfecting Wand

Infrared saunas are simple to keep clean, requiring only a quick wipe down after a sweat session to keep them looking good. 

However, if you love the idea of frequent thorough disinfecting, a UV disinfecting wand is the perfect tool. You can avoid using chemical disinfectants that could disturb your sanctuary and still know that all microbes have been erased. 

The wands use UV light to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on surfaces. They will help you keep your sauna pure and are great for other disinfecting tasks beyond the sauna, as well.

Seat Cushions/Pads

Although there’s a pleasing austerity to sitting on a plain wooden bench, cushions and pads are certainly pleasing too! You should be able to sit comfortably for at least 20 minutes per session, and wooden benches might not always get you there.

Stick with cushions made for use in saunas, so that they can withstand the heat and are not going to off-gas chemical odors. They also should be easy to clean.

Sauna Cover

A sauna cover is a good idea if your sauna needs to be protected from getting damaged or dirty. Outside saunas should definitely have a cover to shield them from the elements, but indoors you may want a cover to guard against kids or pets. Most sauna makers will offer individual covers to fit all of their models.

Health-Boosting Sauna Accessories

promote vitality with chromotherapy, red light therapy or dry brushing

Chromotherapy including Red Light Therapy

Color Therapy or Chromotherapy is a common add-on that can be built into sauna models by manufacturers. Chromotherapy is the use of colored lights for therapeutic effects, such as boosting the body’s natural healing ability. The ancient practice of chromotherapy teaches that different colors have different healing effects and each can help with specific symptoms. 

One popular example of Chromotherapy is Red Light Therapy, where red LED lights are used to speed healing of skin problems or reduce signs of aging. Many sauna users like to add a red light tower inside their sauna so they can get the benefit of two therapies at once.

Dry Brush Set

Dry brushing your skin when you first enter a sauna, before you start to sweat, is a great way to get the lymphatic system moving. Brush from your extremities towards your heart in long movements. Good lymph flow is essential for detoxification and optimal health. 

It’s good to have a separate brush for body and face, since the face is more sensitive and needs a softer brush. The two brushes usually come together as a set.

Halotherpy Salt Generator

Halotherapy or salt therapy is a popular trend in wellness--just see all the salt cave spas popping up all around the country! Halotherapy gives all of the benefits of salt lamps on a much larger scale, with more direct effects on skin and lung conditions. It’s easy to create your own health-boosting salt cave experience by adding a salt generator inside your sauna. 

A salt generator will release tiny salt particles into the air inside the sauna cabin, creating salty air--think of the air by the seashore. The salty air provides healing benefits to the skin as it’s absorbed and in the lungs as it’s breathed in while you’re sitting in the sauna. Read our prior blog post for more information about the amazing health effects of halotherapy.

Remember that anything that makes your sauna experience more enjoyable and causes you to sauna bathe more regularly is going to have beneficial health effects. These accessories also make perfect gifts for the special sauna bather in your life.

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