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Mikaela Kropp Mikaela Kropp
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booking a spa day guarantees a moment of relaxation amid the busy holiday season

Amid all the holiday shopping, baking, and decorating, it can be hard to carve out me-time during the month of December. Even when I find a moment of peace and quiet, my ever-growing to-do list stays in the back of my mind, reminding me of all the work that goes into a perfect holiday celebration.

This year in particular has been challenging--shifting plans and brand-new traditions have left me on my toes. That’s why, despite smaller gatherings and fewer holiday parties, I am not giving up my holiday spa day tradition.

It’s so nice to take the time to unwind a bit and polish up my mood and my look. I can’t help but feel more in tune with the magic of the season when my skin and nails are looking great. A bit of pampering during the hustle and bustle is always on my Christmas list!

In addition to my normal holiday mani/pedi, this year my treatment of choice is a hydrafacial or hydradermabrasion. It’s a popular new resurfacing facial that combines the exfoliating power of microdermabrasion with a nutrient infusion. Because the applicator wand treats my skin with healing, plumping, and moisturizing ingredients as it sloughs off damaged skin cells and vacuums them away, the treatment has no downtime and I can get right back to my holiday preparations.

I have scheduled my spa day one week before Christmas, but anytime in December works. I usually make sure I’m all polished up in time for holiday parties so my spa date will vary each year. It’s great to schedule me-time in the midst of the chaos, but before things really get down to the wire. 

a holiday hydrafacial will smooth your skin and leave you feeling refreshed

My hydrafacial will make my skin noticeably smoother, brighter, and more sparkly throughout the holidays (hydradermabrasion can be repeated every month all year long for continued results).

Are you thinking about creating your own spa-centered holiday tradition? II highly recommend a hydrafacial for your holiday skin pick-me-up. It’s extra fun to get daughters, sisters, or friends involved for a girls’ day, too. The whole week leading up to Christmas already feels like a holiday, so why not treat it like one with a little group pampering?

Ask your aesthetician about treatment length and potential complications with hydradermabrasion so that you can choose the perfect time for your holiday schedule. This year, it’s also important to ask about precautions being taken for health and safety. I’ve been impressed with the solutions that my own aesthetician uses to make me feel safe.

Make your plan to get pampered, polished, and glowy in time for the holidays. It’s your time to sparkle!

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