avocado toast with spinach herbs and a fried egg

Avocado Sourdough Toast with a Fried Egg and Herbs

 Even though this is a simple recipe to create, there are several keys to making it right.

First you need great sourdough bread. Authentic sourdough is made with sour culture instead of yeast; the ingredients list on my bread is simple: unbleached, unbromated flour, sour culture, and water. A sourdough loaf should be heavy in your hand, with dense slices and a slightly tangy flavor. I love it! 

The second key to delicious avocado toast is a perfectly ripe avocado. Choosing avocados is a bit of an art form; my rule is to select firm but slightly springy fruits for use in 1-2 days. They can be a bit softer if you are using them the same day.

The final rule for making this egg-topped avocado toast delicacy is a perfectly cooked egg. This can vary based on individual tastes, but for me it means over-easy with fully cooked whites and runny yolks. And I insist on frying my eggs in high-quality butter.

A final extra special touch is to top the toast with fresh herbs. I love using dill, but avocado toast is delicious with any herbs that you have on hand--cilantro, parsley, basil and chives all bring something extra special to the dish!

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