delicious warm soup made of leftover thanksgiving turkey and wild rice

Creamy Turkey and Wild Rice Soup

creamy wild rice and turkey soup

Thanksgiving dinner is probably my favorite meal of the year and one of the many reasons is the leftovers! We always have a lot of tasty extras and love finding fun and creative ways to enjoy them. 

This soup is one of my favorite leftover recipes and I look forward to making it every year with the leftover turkey carcass and meat from our meal. It’s also delicious any time of the year made with chicken instead of turkey. I actually make the chicken version frequently during the winter months.

My first step is to make a perfect Homemade Bone Broth from the leftover Thanksgiving turkey carcass. This will take at least several hours, so plan ahead. For a quicker version feel free to use commercial turkey or chicken broth and the soup will still be delicious. 

Another time-consuming step is cooking the wild rice, which takes approximately one hour. I usually cook the rice ahead of time--sometimes even several days early. We’re wild for wild rice in our house, so that’s one of the reasons this soup is so delicious!

The final product is creamy-looking but not thick, which we love. If you prefer a thicker consistency you could add ½ cup of flour to the veggies and butter before adding the broth. Just bring it to a boil while stirring then add the broth and complete the recipe. 

I hope your family enjoys it!

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