warm, comforting shepherd's pie

Grandma's Shepherd's Pie

traditional shepherd's pie

This shepherd’s pie is my ultimate comfort food. My late grandma passed down this recipe to me, and making it brings back so many happy memories. 

As a child, we would make the 50 miles round-trip to Grandma’s house every weekend. In the summer we would barbecue fresh fish from the lake; however, my favorite time to go was in the fall. The leaves would be turning red and there was a chill in the air. After our afternoon walk, we would all cozy up in front of the log fireplace drinking hot chocolate, listening to the wind howling outside and smelling the most delicious aroma from Grandma’s huge oven in the kitchen. 

Our tummies rumbling, we would sit around her giant wooden table and tuck into her shepherd’s pie: a hearty filling of meat, vegetables and rich gravy topped with creamy mounds of buttery mashed potatoes baked to a golden crust. 

As time passed and I got older I often helped grandma make this delicious pie, and I now make it for my children at least once a week in the colder months. It always brings me back to my grandma’s cozy kitchen, and it has become a favorite of my own kids too. 

Traditional shepherd’s pie is made with ground lamb--using ground beef or pork technically makes it a cottage pie--but the end result is still delicious whatever meat you use. Or, if you prefer the healthier option, vegan mince works just as well; remember to adjust your seasoning accordingly. 

I hope you enjoy this recipe and create many happy memories for your family this fall!

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