pumpkin pie ice cream served with maple syrup and pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

pumpkin spice ingredients with cinnamon anise

It’s pumpkin spice season, my absolute favorite time of the year. The leaves are turning golden and falling, and the nights are drawing in. It’s the perfect time to close the blinds, cozy up in front of the fire watching a good movie, with a steaming mug of coffee and ice cream. 

Yes, ice cream! Why should this creamy dessert only be enjoyed in summer? With Halloween upon us and pumpkins taking over my neighborhood, I can’t stop thinking about this delicious pumpkin pie ice cream recipe.

Pumpkins are packed full of vitamins and nutrients. In particular, pumpkins are great sources of: Vitamin A, which is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system, Vitamin C, which stimulates white blood cell production, and iron and folate, both of which have immune-boosting effects. 

My kids love this ice cream, making this the perfect way to ensure they are getting their essentials in a fun and tasty way.

You can use canned pumpkin for this recipe but I much prefer to make my own puree. It’s so simple: just peel and cube a sugar pumpkin, spread over a baking sheet with a little vegetable oil and roast for around 10-15 mins in the oven at 425°F until soft to the touch. Let cool and blend to a smooth puree.

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