Featured Post:  Refreshing Green Lemonade Juice Recipe

Featured Post: Refreshing Green Lemonade Juice Recipe

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green lemonade in two clear glasses; celery, cucumbers, mint

Juicing is an easy way to get nutrients into our bodies. Since many of us don't often eat our daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables, juicing is a great alternative. It's especially good for those who prefer to drink their fruits and veggies instead of eating them.

One of my favorite green juices to make is a green lemonade. This juice is highly alkalizing and also sweet and refreshing. It's a great recipe if you are new to juicing or want to enjoy a sweet but healthy juice and not feel like you are missing out on lemonade. What's better is these simple ingredients may already be in your fridge or pantry!

Want to learn more about juicing? Check out my blog article on the Do's and Don'ts of Juicing for tips on getting the most out of your juicing!

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Amazing, creative recipes and food items we saw on Tv today.
Will definitely buy your Book.

Diana Franklin

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