ultimate vegan lasagna with veggie mince

The Ultimate Vegan Lasagna with Veggie Mince

vegan lasagna with veggie mince and bechamel sauce

We all love a good lasagne; with rich tomato sauce and cheesy bechamel, it's the ultimate carb hit. 

This lasagne is my go-to recipe on those weeknights after I collect the boys from soccer practice: it’s super quick, super easy, and tastes awesome.

Our family is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to food. My two boys are pretty easily pleased, meat or no meat they are not too fussy. My husband, meanwhile, is a true carnivore and loves his meat in every shape and form. But I'm trying to reduce our consumption of animal products as there are a great many health benefits and it doesn't hit so hard on the purse. Check out our recent article on the benefits of reduced-meat diets here.

Often it is quite difficult to find a meal that we can all sit down and enjoy together. But this one certainly hits the mark; the vegan mince and cheesy vegan bechamel are surprisingly tasty. You may expect vegan food to be bland but this lasagna sure isn't. The recipe ticks all our boxes and has become a firm family favorite.

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