pina colada smoothie cocktail with pineapple and coconut

Tropical Piña Colada Smoothies

This weekend we celebrate Piña Colada Day, and what better way to observe than to whip up a delicious smoothie!

Piña coladas conjure up so many precious memories for me. 

It takes me back to last year's vacation: Key West, Florida. If you've never been you need to add it to your bucket list. 

Perfect days spent sitting on the powdery white sand, overlooking the ocean, faint jazz music playing in the background, sipping a piña colada and listening to the waves gently lapping the shore. Not a care in the world beyond wondering where to eat dinner and if life really could get any better than this. Bliss, and very happy memories.

key west tropical beach with palm trees

Back to reality, here I am, in my apartment in the center of town, gray skies above, the rain lashing down, eating 3-day-old Pringles, wondering if it really is ok to stay in my PJs all day.

However, it is Piña Colada Day and it would be rude not to get in the mood. So in honor of all the vacations we wish we were on, and to commemorate those we’ve had, let’s bring a little sunshine into the now with a piña colada or two!

Check out my recipe to get your weekend moving or try the healthy non-alcoholic version, I promise it's just as tasty.


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