Vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie

vegan pumpkin cashew cheesecake pie

Made like a cheesecake and tasting like everyone’s favorite pumpkin-spice pie, this dessert will be a hit wherever it’s served.

I first made this pie to convince my meat-eating family that vegan food can be delicious too, and it was super successful! Just a week after that first taste, the kids were pestering me for the recipe and learning how to prepare it themselves. It’s safe to say that this one is a new family favorite.

Despite the delicious and delicate end-product, this recipe is great for a hectic household. Each step is easy and straightforward, and the kids love to take ownership of the process. And when planning ahead 14-48 hours isn’t quite possible for me (this recipe needs to soak, bake, and chill) I know that the product is quite nearly as good when I finish in 6 hours.

This pie can be made a full day before serving, making it a great choice for holiday hosts.


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