Be Vivid You Survey Highlights

Highlights on “Sheltering-at-home” Lifestyle Impact

Americans overwhelmingly abided by social distancting guidelines with almost 99% compliance.

Over 50% only had interactions with their immediate family, but 5% of Americans had no in-person social interaction at all.The entire process left households with a mixed bag of emotions.

Frustrating and Stressful led the negative associations, with Relaxing and Enjoyable leading the positive emotions.

Fortunately, only 4.8% cited that they are “losing their mind.”

Americans feel decidedly less satisfied with their lives as it relates to stay-sheltered orders.

Family and social relationships took the biggest hit -- with 54% of respondents feeling less satisfied, and only 20% feeling more satisfied.

Fitness and exercise has also taken a big hit. Time outdoors, Nutrition, and Meditation/Mindfulness have all shown slight improvements.

Most telling, however, is that when asked what you are more satisfied with, “None of the Above” was the #1 response with 31% of respondents.

Over 66% of respondents have had to cancel non-COVID medical care appointments.

Catchall Elective Procedures led the way at 36%, followed by Dental, Psychiatric, Dermatology, and Vaccination appointments to round out the top five.

Highlights on “Reopening” Lifestyle Impact

The world looks like it will be a little quieter than pre-pandemic life.

Large venue sporting events and movie theaters will be the slowest to return to normal, followed by public transportation and travel.

Perhaps more concerning is how long Americans say it will take them to return to those activities.

A whopping 43% of respondents said that they will not return to a large venue event for over 6 months.

Over 30% said that it will take more than six months to return to theaters, public transportation and travel. 

On the flip side, Americans seem very ready to engage in personal services at their favorite locales.

Hair salons lead the way -- with 74% of respondents saying they are ready now or within the month to book a post-quarantine touch-up. And it doesn’t stop with hair, as a majority of respondents are also ready to put an aesthetic polish on their skin.

Not surprisingly, there is also a large immediate demand for physical therapy, physician visits and elective medical procedures.

During the shutdown, the most frequently missed appointments were in primary care, dermatology, dental, and vision care. But there was a significant amount of more serious care being missed too -- including cardiac, neurological and oncology appointments that never happened, due to COVID.

Over 70% of respondents said that they need to get back to the doctor within a month. Religious services is another area that Americans miss, with 58% wanting to attend services within the month.

One segment of in-person service that may languish for a while is the training and gym industry. Although 36% of respondents said they are ready now to hit the gym, 17% said they will not be back for over 6 months.

As the economy reopens, it will be important for service businesses to put their best foot forward to make customers feel safe.

Only 8.7% of respondents replied that they need no PPE or social distancing requirements.

Clearly washing hands and allowing customers to wash hands, social distancing, wearing masks, wiping down surfaces are expected from 35% to 77% of respondents.

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