Infrared vs. Traditional Saunas

The best sauna is the sauna you will use the most!  

Infrared Sauna Advantages & Benefits:

MORE COMFORTABLE. Radiated infrared light penetrates the skin and heats the body at lower temperatures. 
  • IR Sauna: 100°-125°F. Traditional sauna: 180°-220°F.
  • But know that the IR Sauna still heats core, you will sweat.
    QUICK TO HEAT UP. Infrared saunas are ready when you are.
    • IR Sauna: 10-15 minutes. Traditional sauna: 30-90 minutes.
    • Our saunas can be set to heat up at a scheduled time.
    ADDITIONAL HEALTH BENEFITS. Infrared light penetration into the skin boosts health at the cellular level. Recent research into infrared health benefits is exciting.

      EASIER INSTALLATION. All you need is an empty corner and a plug, and you can set it up with a partner in 45-90 minutes. Traditional saunas require professional help and electrical/plumbing rewiring.

      MORE ENERGY-EFFICIENT. Infrared saunas heat the body directly, while traditional saunas heat the environment around the body. Lower operating temperatures and a shorter time to warm up results in less energy used.

      EASIER MAINTENANCE. Our saunas are built to last a lifetime, w/ a Lifetime warranty.

      • To clean, simply wipe it out with a towel after use and apply furniture polish and glass cleaner once in a while--as much attention as you’d pay any room in the house.  Traditional saunas can be prone to mold/mildew associated with moisture.

        Traditional Sauna Advantages:

        STEAM AND HUMIDITY. Some bathers think steam provides a fuller, richer experience. People like the practice of pouring water on hot rocks to create steam.

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