7 Essential Oils to Keep You Warm and Healthy this Season

Mikaela Kropp Mikaela Kropp
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cozy woman staying healthy and bright with essential oils

My household has officially entered sweater season! The kids walk around the house with blankets on, my husband is pestering me to make sure that we have all the ingredients for his favorite holiday meals, and I’m diffusing my favorite warm, cozy, and energizing cold-weather essential oils.

The seven oils below are my go-to scents to shake my family out of our winter stupor and keep us feeling healthy. I hope you find that they’re useful to you, too!


ginger essential oil will make you feel clear and invigorated

Maybe it’s because my go-to beverage when I’m under the weather is ginger tea, but the smell of Ginger EO never fails to make me feel healthy. Diffuse with Orange and Cinnamon for a cleansing and zippy scent, or blend with Cinnamon, Clove EO, and Cardamom EO to invoke a cozy gingerbread feeling.


thieves essential oil is a cold-weather favorite

The superhero of cold-weather essential oils, Thieves EO is a blend of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary. Its complex aromatic profile is great on its own or with a few drops of another oil for emphasis, and it always makes my family feel clear and energized.


diffuse juniper essential oil to add clarity and piney freshness

Juniper berries are best known for the piney, refreshing flavor they give to gin. Bring that feeling of crisp mornings and evergreen trees into your home by diffusing Juniper EO! And once we enter the Christmas season you can help your tree set the mood with juniper potpourri hung as ornaments or placed around your living room.

Cinnamon Bark

cinnamon essential oil has a spicy scent that will enliven your home

Cinnamon Bark’s spicy scent is both warm and energizing. Diffuse a 5:1:1 blend of Cinnamon, Clove, and Nutmeg to bring a pumpkin spice feeling into your home while enlivening your holiday preparations. Cinnamon’s spice may also help to keep your family healthy and well.


diffuse orange essential oil to add energy and health to your space

This is another oil that’s great for when you’re not feeling your best. My family’s get-well-soon protocol includes lots of vitamin C, and I like to double down on the supplementation we do by diffusing Orange EO as well. No, there is no proof that the essential oil contains any vitamin C...but it does make me feel healthy, and that positive mental effect really can help!

Add Orange to your Cinnamon, Clove, and Nutmeg blend to introduce a nice orange twist.


nutmeg essential oil adds instant coziness and savory flavor to an ambiance

Nutmeg EO pairs well with Orange, Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, and just about any other cozy scent...which makes perfect sense to me, because nutmeg itself is just about the coziest aroma I can think of. Add it to blends to introduce a warm and savory note.


cedarwood essential oil can bring the crisp scent of evergreen forests into your home

Another great evergreen scent, many people prefer Cedarwood EO to Juniper. Another option is to diffuse them together for a more complex evergreen forest profile: add Cedarwood, Juniper, and Vetiver EO (for earthiness) to your diffuser and enjoy the feeling of a cold walk through the woods!

Cedarwood is also great for keeping your home bug-free during the fall, when they try to come inside for warmth.

We sell each of the essential oils mentioned in this article individually or in our Winter Wellness Kits, coming soon! Look for the announcement on our website and social media.

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