Tips for Decorating Your Home with Festive Fragrance

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decorate your home with essential oils to create lasting memories

In my house, Thanksgiving dinner is barely over before the kids put the Christmas music on, drag all the decorations and ornaments down from the attic and make plans to get a tree. 

As overwhelming as that quick turnaround can be, I’m just as excited as they are about the arrival of the holiday season. We’ve entered the time of year when the sun rarely shows and I’m always cold, and there’s nothing like Rudolph and a sparkling tree to warm my heart and pick up my spirits.

However, I don’t stop with the decorations that we can see and hear. My holiday secret is to decorate for the sense of smell as well.

Smell is an especially important sense for family gatherings and celebrations. The part of the brain that processes and remembers scents is very close to the long-term memory center, which is why a particular fragrance can transport us back to particular memories so easily.

And the holiday season is all about creating memories. The little kids look forward to Christmas all year, remembering how fun the last one was, and the older kids remember past celebrations as they make their way back home--and we all relish that feeling of family togetherness all year long.

By consciously decorating my home with holiday scents, I help set the mood for the season and establish strong memories that we can be reminded of when we’re apart.

Read on to see my favorite seasonal blends, and keep scrolling for ideas to put them to work around your own house.

Favorite Seasonal Blends

create lasting holiday memories with festive fragrances from essential oils

Gingerbread Blend: 

I can’t think of many scents warmer and more comforting than gingerbread; this blend will bring that coziness right into your home.

Christmas Spirit Blend

This ready-made blend from Young Living features Orange, Cinnamon Bark, and Spruce essential oils for a surprisingly warm holiday scent. 

Christmas Tree Blend:

Fresh and bright, this Christmas tree blend is great for adding scent to an artificial tree or giving a live tree a fragrance boost.

Candy Cane Blend:

This blend manages to invoke memories of both minty-fresh holiday treats and the crisp coldness of stepping outside on Christmas morning.

Decorating with Scents

essential oil-infused tree ornaments add spicy or warm or piney scent

Diffusing Ornaments

Whether you use evergreen oils to give your tree a stronger and more complex aroma or use other holiday scents, like Cinnamon or Nutmeg, to add a bit of warmth, these ornaments will be a hit. 

Make ornaments from scratch using plaster and ornament molds or homemade clay and a cookie cutter. Add your preferred essential oils to the wet plaster or clay, and let the finished product brighten your tree.

If you love the idea of fragrant ornaments but have no time for DIY, look for fabric-covered ornaments and spritz them with a linen spray infused with essential oils.

Linen Spray

A basic linen spray made with distilled water, rubbing alcohol and essential oils will add festive fragrance to your linens. I love to spritz my holiday throw pillows and the tree skirt, but you can also apply this spray to any fabric decoration or to pillowcases on Christmas Eve!

Diffuse Christmas Blend

The simplest way to add essential oils to your home? A diffuser, of course! Just remember to limit diffusing to an hour at a time. Plan out your diffusing so that the house is full of fragrance as guests arrive, or as the kids head downstairs on Christmas morning.

Fragrant Cooking

And finally, I would be remiss to exclude the original source of olfactory holiday cheer. Pop chocolate chip cookies in the oven or brew some mulled wine or spiced cider in the crockpot to release sweet, anticipatory scents throughout the house--then you get to consume your festive culinary creation!


I hope that the holiday season finds you well and that you are able to keep up precious traditions while making new ones. Enjoy!

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