Thanksgiving Traditions–Gratitude, Family and Food!

Alison Pedler
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What originally started in 1621 by the pilgrims, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November and this year falls on November 24th. It is one of the biggest holidays in the US and is a time for family and friends to come together to give thanks and share a wonderful meal. Every family has their own Thanksgiving traditions that are important, from the turkey feast to pumpkin pie to the big football games. Take a look at our favorite Thanksgiving traditions that make the day extra special.


Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving parade

One of the oldest traditions of all, this awesome parade is now in its 96th year. The parade features its iconic giant balloons (including Tom Turkey), floats, marching bands, and of course a visit from Santa. Held in NYC from 9 am, this is not to be missed even if you do watch in your PJs from your cozy sofa.

 Take part in a Turkey Trot

There are many organized turkey trots across the country, celebrating the traditional turkey centerpiece that you can partake in, with the money raised going to various local charities. Or why not organize your own mini trot (bonus points for fancy dress!)


Create a festive entryway

Welcome your guests with homemade wreaths, mini pumpkins, and copper lanterns to celebrate the day and showcase the golden colors of fall.


Organize an ornament exchange

Once Santa's sleigh has concluded the Macy's parade, the festive season officially begins. Why not ask your guests to bring along an ornament to exchange and kick-start the holiday season.


Collect canned foods

As we gather in gratitude to celebrate Thanksgiving it's always nice to give something back. Ask your guests to bring along a can which you can then donate to the local food pantry.


As the name suggests, be thankful

Before tucking into your delicious turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy, ask everyone to share something they are thankful for this year. It gives a lovely warm start to the Thanksgiving dinner.


Go for a post-dinner walk 

Not only will it burn off some of the many calories just consumed, but a post-dinner walk will give you some special time to share stories and take some memorable photos. It can also help make more room for dessert! 

Our family has a Thanksgiving pre-dinner hill run tradition. It’s usually freezing, but we bundle up and race up and down a very large hill. It helps us work up a great appetite while having a bit of friendly competition and family fun together.

Keep in contact  

At this time of year take time to reach out to those who cannot make it to your festivities. There are so many ways to connect virtually. Set up a video call before or even during your meal so they can feel like they are there with you.


Send guests home with leftovers

If like us, you end up with mounds of extra food, send guests home with a few leftovers and why not add a recipe card with ideas, try some of our favorites, Thanksgiving casserole or Creamy Turkey & Wild Rice Soup.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We wish you a joyful and fulfilling Thanksgiving Celebration for all to remember. Here’s hoping you have many reasons to be thankful this year!

What Thanksgiving traditions do you follow in your family? Let us know in the comments!

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