Korean Saunas: The Ultimate Self-Care Experience

Kira Poletis Kira Poletis
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Korean saunas, also known as jjimjilbang,  offer a unique and relaxing experience that can help you improve your overall health and wellness.

Whether you’re already a fan of the benefits of saunas and love to get your sweat on, or are just dipping your toes into this steamy self-care routine. In this article we'll dive into what sets Korean saunas apart, their history, what to expect when you visit one. 

So grab a towel and get comfy, we saved you a seat!


A Brief History of Korean Saunas

Korean saunas have been a part of Korean culture for over 500 years. Traditionally, they were used as public bathhouses for people who didn't have access to a private bathroom at home. Today, they've evolved into a popular social destination where friends and family can come together to relax and unwind.


What to Expect

The Korean sauna experience can be a bit different from your local gym’s sauna, Upon entering, you’ll usually trade your shoes in for a pair of slippers, while these are cleaned regularly, they have been worn by other people, so keep that in mind if you’re not into sharing footwear. After that, you'll be given a locker to store your belongings.

Most Korean saunas require you to strip down to your birthday suit and head to the steam room. While this may take some getting used to, it's a common and accepted part of Korean sauna culture, so you won't be out of place. In the bathing area, you'll find amenities such as towels, shampoo and conditioner, soap, scrubbers, and even toothpaste. However, it’s common for most people to bring their own supplies.

Some Korean saunas offer additional amenities such as a dry sauna, wet sauna, hot and cold  baths, or even an area designated for massages and scrub-downs by bathhouse employees. However, note that these services usually come at an extra cost.


Benefits of Korean Saunas

One of the most significant benefits is their ability to reduce inflammation, which has been linked to various health issues. They can also help alleviate pain, improve cardiovascular health, and reduce anxiety and depression.

Korean saunas also typically offer hot and cold baths, which have been shown to have numerous benefits. Hot baths soothe muscle tension and support a good night's sleep, while ice baths fight against inflammation and support your immune system.

If you're looking for a unique and relaxing self-care experience, a Korean sauna may be just what you need. With a rich history and plenty of benefits, Korean saunas have something to offer  everyone.

If you can find an authentic Korean sauna near you, or are ever traveling through the Land of the Morning Calm itself, pop on by and pamper yourself.


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