Benefits of Infrared Sauna Blanket

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The benefits of infrared sauna have been hotly debated, with its health-boosting properties being touted by big names in pop media, like podcast host Joe Rogan and physician Dr. Rhonda Patrick. From psychological improvement to physical enhancement, the boons of sauna are undeniable. But if you don’t have access to a local gym’s facility or a hefty budget, you’re kind of out of luck. And that’s where the sauna blanket comes in. So grab your towel and hop in as we dig into the steamy details.


Compact and Cost Effective

One of the most obvious benefits of an infrared sauna blanket is the cost. Compared to purchasing your own personal wood sauna, the investment is compelling. A personal home sauna can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $9,000 and beyond, depending on what kind of bells and whistles you’re adding on. A high-quality sauna blanket from a reputable brand sits at around $500. If you can wait it out for a good sale, you can grab one for even less.

Editor’s note: That’s exactly what I did and it was so worth it.

One major advantage that blankets have over traditional saunas is their mobility and compactness. While a personal wood barrel sauna requires ample space to be practical, a sauna blanket is ideal for individuals living in apartments or smaller homes. It offers a convenient self-care solution: after you finish your session and have sufficiently sweated it out, simply fold up the blanket and store it in the closet.


Heating Up

When it comes to temperature, you’d be surprised just how toasty an infrared sauna blanket can get. A traditional dry sauna is commonly used at 180°F to 220°F, while a blanket reaches temps of 95°F to 167°F. Because infrared heats your body from the core, these lower temps allow you to stay cooking for longer at a more comfortable degree, while still soaking in all the benefits.

Editor’s note: Sitting upon my high horse, I was confident I could roast at a comfy 150°F for a full 60 minutes. The blanket has humbled me greatly. I have now cut it to 45 minutes and can’t help but sneak out a hand to fan myself for the last 20 minutes of it. The point being, you will not be disappointed by the heat quality of a sauna blanket.

Infrared Benefits

Whether you’re sitting upright in a spacious personal sauna or cozy in your compact blanket, you’ll still be soaking up all the benefits of an infrared sauna.

The radiant heat of infrared penetrates deep below the skin to produce a gentle warming effect beginning inside the body. Studies have shown that infrared saunas have been used in the treatment of cardiac health for decreasing high blood pressure and managing chronic heart failure. Infrared heat also eases chronic pain from rheumatoid arthritis reduces muscle soreness and improves joint movement in athletes. Infrared saunas also promote relaxation, boosting overall feelings of well-being, reducing stress levels, and enhancing circulation.

If you’ve been stewing over whether or not to make the jump and invest in an infrared sauna blanket, my honest opinion is to go for it. While still a financial investment, you’ll reap all the rewards of a traditional sauna for a fraction of the price, and get to experience it in the comfort of your own home. Studies on the benefits of infrared sauna, while still ongoing, tout a host of benefits for the mind and body, but more than anything, the investment in your own health and self-care is  worth it.

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