Korean Skincare: Is Medicube’s Age-R Ussera Deep Shot Worth it?

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Korean Skincare Medicube

Korean skincare has taken the beauty world by storm in recent years, with many consumers searching for the perfect Korean skincare routine, and Korean skincare products filling carts across shopping sites. One Korean skincare Medicube brand has risen to popularity with their specialized products that claim to rival even the effects of Botox. Medicube’s Age-R Ussera Deep Shot is one such revolutionary skincare device, so let’s delve into all the details, see how it works, and determine whether it truly lives up to its remarkable reputation.

Since the pandemic, home skincare products allowing consumers to build their own at-home med spa have spiked in popularity. Besides being a fun activity at home, investing in medical-grade skincare tools can save you a lot of money in the long run.


How it Works

We all know that replenishing collagen as we age is essential for healthy and youthful-looking skin, and the Age-R Ussera Deep Shot is purported to do just that. The “deep shot” part of the device comes from high frequencies that generate heat deep into the skin, plus ultrasound technology which penetrates the skin with ultrasonic wave energy. This dual technology is what stimulates collagen production and leaves your skin feeling plump and smooth.

While results of course vary for skin types and consistency of use, the before and after photos of the improvement of outer skin elasticity and reduction of fine lines are quite convincing.



When using the Deep Shot, you’ll spread a generous amount of Medicube’s Age-R Collagen Booster Gel Serum across the face of the device, and while it’s still turned off, use the device to spread the gel across your skin. If you’ve ever used an ultrasound machine, it's a similar process.

Editor’s note: While I’m usually a bit miffed when a company insists I buy their specific gel/serum/topical treatment to go alongside the several hundred dollar device I just bought, I’d highly recommend investing in a bottle of their booster gel serum to use with this device. Even on a lower setting, the shot can actually be a bit painful if you’re not using the proper conductive gel. To protect your skin and get the most out of your investment and use the recommended gel from Medicube.

The intensity settings of the shot range from 1 to 5, and you can adjust them as needed for different parts of your face.

Editor’s note: When I personally use this product, I tend to have the settings at 4 for my cheeks and under eyes, and lower it to 1 for my forehead and neck, as these areas are much more sensitive for me.


Portable, effective, and easy to use, the Deep Shot is a worthy addition to any skincare arsenal. While the price tag is a little steep at $430, if you bide your time, you can snag it for 40% off when Medicube does partnership promos with various beauty and health influencers every few months.

With dual high-frequency and ultrasound technologies, the Ussera Age-R Deep Shot penetrates the deeper layers of skin to encourage collagen production. And while your lifestyle ultimately influences how your skin looks (exercise, diet, stress, sleep, etc), when used regularly, this device can definitely help plump up fine lines and improve the appearance of wrinkles. All things considered, I’d definitely recommend investing in this device—Korean skincare is definitely worth the hype!


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